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Social Media Marketing - 88% of all marketers found social media helps get them increased exposure.

Effective Social Media Optimization

Small business owners don’t have time to jump into social media “just for fun” and they need a clear return on investment. So why continue throwing money at “old media” like newspapers, television and phone books when your competitors are fighting alongside you in those spaces and your customers are ignoring all of you anyway?

Do you want to increase your sales? gather more referrals? build your repeat business? work smarter, not harder?

Tap into social media to find new customers and to help your happy customers sell your business for you

Social Media Optimization

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Strategy planning and implementation
  • Measurement of success (return on investment)
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand monitoring and reputation management
  • Training employees to be smart social media users and your brand advocates

Why social media for a small business?

Because it works. Social media interaction is the #1 online activity, beating even personal email. As popular as Google is, Facebook beat it as the most visited site in 2010. Consumer-based word-of-mouth information is viewed as the most reliable source of information about brands on social site, and consumers are sharing their opinions online in record numbers.

Who uses social media?

If you think social media is only for teenagers, you’d be incorrect. According to 2010 research from Internet Retailer, most social media users are between the ages of 25 and 34, married, employed in a professional or management position, and have an average income of $65,563. Sounds like pretty ideal customers.

And guess what? They’re looking for YOU, and they use the Internet to search. Don’t you want to pop up on their radar before your competitors do? Better yet, don’t you want to have a relationship with them BEFORE they need you? Or their friend needs you?

How we help small businesses?

Social media is the new way to communicate and engage with your customers, shareholders and communities. Let’s discuss your goals and challenges are so we can help you determine what tools and approaches are best for your needs. Then we’ll help you set up the tools and either manage them for you or coach you on how best to use them. We can also help you improve your existing website for search engine optimization, or SEO.

Overall, the more places you appear on the Internet, and the more frequently your content is updated by you and shared by others, the higher your website will rank in a Google search. Let’s get your business in the top search listings!