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Management Team

Rey Colon

Rey Colon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rey is a seasoned online marketing entrepreneur with more than 15 years of proven success in building successful online ventures through marketing, sales and business development. After serving in the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm, Colon relocated from his New Jersey hometown, to seek out greater opportunities in South Florida.

During the Internet boom of the mid 90's, Colon launched and help build several internet and technology companies beginning with NoDebt.org, an online financial services directory, which matches consumers with financial professionals across the nation. In addition Rey also founded IAM Direct, Inc. a national online advertising agency that specializes in generating highly qualified leads, growing online sales channels, increasing conversion rates, reducing new customer acquisition costs, and ensuring the highest possible return on investment (ROI) through custom tailored search marketing and social media campaigns.

Today, Colon is heavily involved in several non-profit organizations, including a correctional aftercare program, and an advice site for troubled teenaged girls. His passion for helping businesses outdistance their competition, is directly reflected in his intense drive to better his overall community.

Jamie Stafford

Jamie Stafford, Director of Business Development

Jamie Stafford is a 7 year, experienced professional in the fields of corporate/civil criminal justice, business development, market research, and sales growth. Jamie is now partnered with one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in Dallas, making his education and professional experiences even more creditable.

Now located in McKinney,Tx, he has become the catalyst mind behind the tactics of Prosites Online’s affiliate program. He has developed multiple avenues with “white hat” joint ventures to highly benefit all the parities involved.

With his drive to be ahead of the curve with the newest trends in Social Media, Jamie has created successful, ROI driven, marketing campaigns using: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare, to name a few. With the fall of traditional advertising, Jamie has helped educate many business owners on how to effectively use social media platforms to boost their sales, reputation, and awareness. He advantageously reads social media analytics like a stockbroker reads the market trends.

When he is not working, which is rare, Jamie enjoys going kayaking in the mountains, producing music, playing basketball, taking road trips, and spending quality time with his wife. Jamie and his wife have a dedicated enthusiasm for helping young couples build and live a fruitful life.

Rick Colon

Rick Colon, Sales and Project Management

Rick Colon was brought in as part of our sales and project management team to help us respond better to potential clients as they call in, chat with us online, or submit their information online. He also spearheads our latest project McKinneyTownSquare.com which is an exclusive business directory promoting businesses in McKinney, Texas.

On his spare time Rick is an avid Gamer and enjoys slaying dragons. He also has a passion for acting and we are waiting for him to receive his first Oscar. This passion has led him to continue his education in developing interactive games and video editing. His energy is a perfect fit to the Prosites Online culture and we are all excited to see his talents continue to grow.