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Analytics and Reporting that DRIVE Results!

“Know where to find information and how to use it…that is the secret of success.” -Albert Einstein

Website Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what comes from your advertising budget? Do you want to know exactly? how much return on investment you are getting? You are not alone. The number one complaint from business owners in dealing with Newspaper, Radio, and T.V. advertising is that they have a hard time tracking their success.

At Prosites we understand the problem and have a free solution. We offer our clients the ability to…

  • Know how many visits their website is getting
  • Know keywords users are typing in to find your website
  • Know where the visits to the website are coming from
  • Track any pay-per-click spending
  • Track what users do once on your website

This is just a small list of possibilities with the software we install on your website. The service, called Google Analytics, will finally allow you to make fully educated decisions on your advertising budgets and web promotions.

Website Analytics and Reporting